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What does success look like? Here at Mirrors and Bridges we think it looks exactly like you. You are an amazing, multi-talented, individual and are busy doing life.  

That is where we come in. We are the transformation company. We provide success tools to transition you from where you are to where you want to be quicker and more efficiently. We do that by providing resources, training, products and services that simplify processes and systems that work with your individual learning and organizing style, talents, personality and strengths to effectively achieve your goals. 

What you will see on the website:  Tools to transform and redesign your life

Products: Coming Soon: working on our first book to be published soon.

Services: Individual and Small Group Coaching, Consulting & Training for personal growth, leadership development and transformation of mental, physical and online spaces for your home life and work life.

Personal Growth:  Discover secrets to finding your purpose, calling, and vision for your life by using reflective journaling, art, biblical success principles, inspirational quotes, and scriptures. Learn how to use your God-given desires, talents, and strengths to create action pathways to reach your goals. 

Leadership Development: Get insider tips from our favorite authors, health and wellness professionals, life coaches, artists, teachers, trainers, entrepreneurs and motivational speakers to enhance your leadership skills, connect with your team/tribe/audience, maximize your time and achieve better results.

As you are browsing our website, keep in mind that all of the information and photos are ours personally and are either copyrighted, from sited sources or we own the private and resale rights and must not be shared without written permission from our company. 

Our goals are for you to enjoy what you are reading, learn something new, and dream a little bigger than before.

May you find passion and joy in life and learn the success tools needed to live a better life!


Melonie A. Benjamins, CLC, COS

Owner of Mirrors and Bridges, LLC