Reflecting Brilliance

Photo by Anne Edgar 

Brilliance is defined in three distinct ways:

·         intense brightness of light

·         vividness of color

·         exceptional talent or intelligence

When I think of vivid color and intense light, I think of diamonds. Light reflects colors through the diamond and is stunning. The diamond cutter is trained and skilled in his craft and knows exactly where to split the stone to radiate the most light.

Simon T. Bailey, Author, Speaker, & Entrepreneur, was a guest speaker at our company recently.  If you have ever met Simon, you’d agree that he is all three of those definitions rolled into one. Everything about him reflects brilliance. His smile and laughter light up the whole room. His background and seasoned life is a true testimony to all of us. He has the heart of a student and is a dynamic motivational teacher.

Here are a few insightful life lessons I received from his message:

1.        Shift our brilliance – Brilliance is a mindset. Our thinking has everything to do with our happiness and developing meaningful relationships with others. Brilliance comes from knowing who you are and who you are not. Be who we are called to be because nothing else will bring us joy or peace. It is being comfortable in your own skin and seeing others as an asset not a competitor.

2.      Release our brilliance – Brilliance is a choice.  In the presentation, Simon said that in order to receive something, we have to let go of something. We have to close one door to open another.  We also have to use discernment and know that not every opportunity is ours and every open door an invitation to walk through. 

3.       Develop our brilliance – Brilliance is a journey. Simon challenged all of us to devote 1-2 hours a day for professional development and we won’t recognize ourselves. There is no status quo on the success path. We have to consistently devote time to grow so that we will be ready for opportunities that present themselves. If we wait for the opportunity, it will be too late.

When we are living a life in which we use our talents to our fullest capacity, we reflect brilliance.  We are perceived as exceptionally talented and smart because we are maximizing our strengths.  Our life is full and overflows to others. It bears the fruit of our labor in self-development and we are successful. Everything we do is almost breathtaking. We radiate light, beauty and impact the lives of others with our brilliance.

Simon T. Bailey is the author of 9 books, professional development courses and speaker series.   He is a highly sought after international speaker with over 30 years of knowledge to impart.  Learn more about how to become brilliant and more about Simon, by following the link to his website.

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