Finding Your Vision for a Better Future

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In 2017, my word for the year was Confidence and in 2018, it was Courage. Over the last two years, I began to try things I had never done before and do things I was afraid to do.  I was scared of social media and writing publicly. I joined Compel (an online speaker/writer’s group), joined Facebook, and launched my website. With each passing month, the desire to express myself began to get stronger and my passion for writing was rekindled. 

Like many of you, I want to know my purpose and use my passion to bless others. God gives us skills, talents, and strengths as an indication of our purpose and passion. In order to find out my strengths, I took the Strength Finder assessment. My top 5 strengths are learner, intellection, input, futuristic and relator. I found out I am good at strategic planning, building strong relationships, goal setting and helping others see hope and vision in their lives. I did not realize that there was not much action going on and I was not using all of my strengths. If I plan more than I actually do, it will take much longer to reach my goals.  Sometimes our greatest strengths can be stumbling blocks for growth.

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My word for the upcoming 2019 year is Achieve. My vision statement for the upcoming year is “I will achieve the goals and dreams God has placed in my heart by taking action on what I believe He has instructed me to do”.

In Hab. 2:2, God’s word says “write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it”. (NKJV) He not only wants us to write the vision, but to also take action.

Vision gives us hope that someday things will be better. It always refers to the future, but it is what we do in the present moment that determines when and if we get there. We have the power and authority to choose our outcome by the actions we take. We can leave a legacy or alot of unfinished stories.

Now, it is your turn.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for your life.

Three tips to finding your vision and hope for your future:

  1. Take time to think about your hopes and dreams. Dreaming precedes receiving. What does it feel like to have exactly what you desire? What does that life look like? See it so clear in your mind that you can almost touch it. A clear and focused vision motivates us and drives us forward. We have to see it first in our mind (vision or mental picture) before we will ever see it in the physical world.
  2. Take time to write your vision and journal your thoughts. What frustrates you? What brings you joy? Those are indications of your desires and personal vision for your life. What does God’s word say about your hopes and dreams? What is he stirring in your heart to change or leave behind? What or who do you need to help you succeed?
  3. Take time away from the vision. Does it make sense? Is it what you truly want to do? Is it big enough to make you a little afraid? Does it still motivate you? Pray and ask God to guide you. God will make a way where there is no way. He will guide us and direct us, if we let him. Update your vision and make changes as needed. It is a discovery process and you are worth the time. Your vision becomes the catalyst that sparks the desire to reach your goals.

Vision tips were inspired by an article written by Eric Swanson entitled: Catching and Casting Vision.

I’d love to know your personal vision statement, strengths, and word for the year.  Post in the comments below.

Join me in the upcoming months and throughout the New Year as we dive deeper into vision, goal setting, and achieving our dreams.

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    • Thanks sweetie (my oldest niece) for commenting on my blog. I believe in you and believe that God has put that desire in your heart to “dream bigger than your eyes can see”. I pray that he will reveal his vision for your life in the days and months ahead. You come from a long line of strong, God fearing men and women. It is in your DNA. Claim your legal right as a daughter of God, a princess in his royal court, and see your life transform before your eyes!

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