Unwritten stories

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Do you ever feel that you were supposed to do something but didn’t because it wasn’t the right time. Or you think to yourself, I could never do that.  You try to let it go, but it comes back to nag you again? Do you feel that tug on your heart and desire something better, something more?

That is your story, your buried dream, craving to be reborn. 

During my childhood and teenage years I wrote poetry and songs. They helped me express feelings that I could not possibly speak out loud. It was an outlet and a release of my thoughts. My friends and I would spend hours coming up with songs and perform them over and over again.

By the time I attended college, I had two binders full of poetry and songs with mixed media art captions. After a very negative experience one weekend, I asked my husband at the time to throw the binders into the dumpster. I felt that the words were written during a time in my life that I did not want to remember. I believed that if God wanted me to write, then I would write words that reflect his light and His Word later in my life. I stopped writing for about 15 years and gave up on my dream of ever being a writer. I also believed the lie that I did not have anything important to say or have what it takes to be a published author.

I don’t know your story or what you have been through, but I know we all have unwritten and unfinished stories. You know the ones I am talking about. Some keep you up at night.  Others bring you to your knees. They break your heart. We hide them, and bury them deep inside. We don’t want anyone to know because we are afraid that if they know, they will reject us. That is a lie too.  And if they turn away, they are not a true friend.

Is there a dream that you abandoned long ago that is dead and buried?

Are there goals that keep tugging at your heart that you want to accomplish next year?

You deserve to see your hopes and dreams come true. You were created for more. It is not selfish to answer God’s call. The world needs you to be all that you were created to be. We all need you to finish what you started, to start what you thought you could never do. We need your strengths, your talents; we need you to write your story.

Let’s dig up the forgotten whispers of our heart and make our dreams a reality.

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