Confessions From a Paperholic

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I have a confession to make.
I absolutely love and am addicted to paper. I buy new, old and discarded. I don’t call it trash, if I can repurpose it. I go to garage sales, vintage stores, online to buy paper. I don’t discriminate. I love them all: books, magazines, mixed media art journals, vintage paper, cardboard from discarded cereal boxes, construction paper, empty notebooks. It is hard for me to throw the tags off of clothes because, one day, I can use it for a vintage card, art project, or recycle it. Let me put it this way: my idea of heaven would be to find myself ‘accidently’ locked inside the library of congress.

My all-time favorite type of paper is when it is bound together in the form of a book.
Today, I will be discussing 3 books that I absolutely love and have impacted my life.
The first book is a poetry collection called The Best Loved Poems of the American People.
Hazel Felleman put the collection together and first published it in 1936. Later publications can be found on Amazon. My dad gave it to me as an early graduation present because I kept checking it out from our high school library.

Ever since I could read and write, I loved writing poems and songs. Writing gave me an outlet for my thoughts and ideas that I could not possibly speak out loud.
When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would either say “a nurse, a teacher or a writer”. Since I did not want to take the hard math and other courses like physics and trigonometry and had no idea how to make money as a writer, I decided to be a teacher. That way, I could still learn about all kinds of topics and teach students about the world around them. My second favorite book highlights my love of teaching.

The second book is a fictional picture book titled, The Twelve Gifts of Birth.
It was written by Charlene Costanzo: .
The lesson of the book is that we all have gifts that we were born with call upon when we need them. I read this book during circle time to preschoolers and to adults at staff meetings.

My first passion is writing, my second is teaching and training. I would spend hours in my room, lining up my stuffed animals in rows like they were in desks facing the front of the room and teach while pointing to a pretend chalk board with a ruler.
I absolutely love the process of learning something, digesting it, breaking the concepts down and then teaching it to others. Out of all the subjects I write and teach about, my favorite topic is personal growth. I love helping others discover their strengths and vision for their lives.

The third book can be found in self-development/ personal growth section in book stores.
It is titled, The Color Code, later adapted to The People Code.
It was written by Dr. Taylor Hartman: .
The Color Code was my first taste of assessments and personal growth books and I have been hooked ever since. I have probably taken over 15 different types of personality and other kinds of assessments through the years, but I always compare them to this one.
It focuses on discovering one of four core motives that drive our decisions and how we can use this information to understand ourselves, communicate effectively, and serve others.

All three of  these books have shaped my life in one way or another and reading them have made me who I am today. I am a paperholic, a lover of books and other forms of paper. Hopefully, you have learned a little bit more about me and have been inspired to read more or remember things that you really enjoy doing.

My wish for all of us is this: may we do things that we are passionate about, take time to discover our gifts, and use them to grow and share with the world.

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