Turning Detours into a Path of Purpose

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Can a detour be a good thing? I believe it can.

Have you ever been thinking so deeply about a memory when you were driving and wake up and realize you missed the exit? Then, you spend extra time on a detour trying to get back on the original path.

Yep. We have all been there.

We have a few choices to consider at that point.

  1. Beat ourselves up for making a mistake and miss new opportunities
  2. Look at the detour as a learning experience and see where the road takes us

My mom always said I was the most positive person she knew, so you think I would pick the second choice. But that was not the case in every season of my life. There are many times that I have repeatedly got off track and struggled to find my way back.

At 16, my life changed forever. I lost my personality, my memories and my voice.

It took over twenty years to rediscover what was lost so many years ago.

I have not fully recovered all of my memories and have finally accepted the fact that some things are better left in the past.

These are the steps I took to rediscover the buried treasure of my authentic self, where I was comfortable in my own skin and found my voice again.

Use them, modify them, to help you find your true north, your way back home.

  • Spend quiet time in prayer

I cannot begin to describe how much this has impacted my life once I gave God my full attention. He helped me to remember the goals and dreams that he had placed deep inside my heart so many years ago. Prayer is the great multiplier. When we pray for others, it magnifies their prayers. It helps strengthen them as they wait for answers to their prayers.

  • Journal your thoughts

I have been  writing in a journal over the past ten years and have discovered that reflection on the entries have brought clarity and given me direction. Conversations with my Heavenly Father show up in here as well. I see His prompting and His will. I feel more like myself when I write.  It is the strongest way for me to communicate my thoughts and feelings that are inside my head and heart.

  • Find things that inspire and motivate you

When I listen to inspirational teachings and songs or attend workshops and conferences, I receive vision and it sparks a desire for me to grow and develop. About three years ago, I experienced a shift in my thinking. I started attending local conferences and started hanging out with authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs. The courage and confidence to tell my story came from surrounding myself with people who were speaking life into me. They spoke my language. I felt alive again on the inside. I started speaking positive declarations over my life, made vision boards and took action to achieve my goals and dreams.

  • Discover your talents, strengths and passions

A good way to find our strengths is to take personality tests and other types of assessments. Other ways include asking friends and networking. See what people are asking your opinion about and advice you are giving in reply to their request. Passions and talents show up when we try new things and give to others through our time and resources. It could be teaching someone your favorite hobby, volunteering or playing sports.

What things do you need to discover about yourself, your passions and purpose?

What part of your past could be used to show others the path that lead to victory?

Use the detours and details of your life as an example of triumph over struggle.  Use your talents and strengths to pave the way to your purpose and to bring hope into the world.

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How have detours impacted your life?  Share in comments below.

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  1. Good one. Thank you

    – Clestine, the Purpose Coach

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