Choosing Trust Over Fear During Crisis Part 1

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And he said, “Come.”

And when Peter was come down out of the ship, he walked on the water, to go to Jesus.

Matthew 14:29 King James Version

Trust is believing that water will hold us when our mind says it is impossible to do without sinking. Peter did and he was human, just like us. Trust is choosing to walk when we are scared, and our world is falling apart all around us. It is clinging to heaven’s promise of protection and surrendering our life to a God we cannot see.

In Celebration of National Poetry Month, I am including an excerpt from a poem called “Meet Me on the Water”, From the heart of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

 “Meet me on the water in the deep part of the sea

Meet me on the water, that is where you will get to know Me.

You can stay in your comfort zone

There you can stand on your own.

But in the deep part of the sea,

You’ll live in victory….”

There are four strategies that are designed to help us trust instead of staying fearful in the storms of life. Today we are covering two of them. Next month I will reveal two more strategies.

  1. Focus on the goal.

Don’t look at the storm around us or the water beneath us. We keep our focus on what we want to accomplish. For me, it is publishing a book I started writing last year. It keeps my focus on something I can control and what God had inspired me to do right now, in the middle of a crisis. There will never be a “perfect” time to write a book, open a business or have a child. I know many writers who wrote in the middle of sickness, one who finished her book right after her husband’s death because it was his wish for her to do it. Another author wrote their book in the early hours of the morning way before their newborn twins were up, fueled with coffee and lack of sleep.

The last two stanzas of the poem go on to say,

“The storms of life of course, they will come,

But like a shelter to you, I will be.

Nothing is a storm to Me

For I have always walked in victory.

As we walk hand in hand,

You’ll do what’s impossible for man.

Come with me to your promised land.”

We first learned to keep our eyes on our goal in order to not let fear paralyze us and trust God during crisis. Next, we must believe and do what seems impossible.

2. Believe in the impossible.

Do you know that it is physically impossible for a human to walk on water? But that is exactly what we must do in order to choose trust over fear. We must believe and do impossible things. We stay up late, get up early in order to feed our family, finish writing the book or learn new skills. We pay someone to help us bring our business online so that we can put food on the table. Choosing to trust God when life seems uncertain and unstable can feel impossible. We push through because someone is depending on us. Our family, community, work, yourself, needs us to trust in God and achieve our impossible dreams.

This excerpt was taken from a poetry book titled: Angel Ink: Inspirational Messages From the Heart of God written by Judy Fryling Dube. She is an author at the first ever non-profit publishing company, Change Her Story. You can find more information about Judy and how to purchase a copy of her book at

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While you are checking out Judy’s book, grab a cool journal too and write down your ideas and thoughts. 

What keeps coming up or pulling on your heart during this “Divine Pause” season?

What is God inspiring you do to?

What do you need to let go of so that you can believe in the impossible and stay focused?



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