5 Steps to promote new Growth

For new growth to happen, we need to cut or prune areas in our life that are no longer working.

Vocabulary.com says prune means to clip, crop, cut back, and weed out. 

Removing dead, diseased or unproductive wood, strengthens the limbs and produces new growth.

This is in reference to a tree but can be applied to our life in areas where we need to prune.

When is the best time to prune?

  • Prune during a dormant period.

Since we are in a dormant period locally and nationally, it is the perfect time.

  • Prune when there is no growth.

Each time you make a cut, you stop growth in one direction and encourage it in another.

  • Prune quickly anytime there is disease attacking the tree.

This is regarding our health in all areas of our life.

Pruning is crucial.  What our life looked life prior to the beginning of the year, will not get us to the goals and dreams, God has placed in our hearts now.

The PRUNE process is an acronym and five step process to help us cut out the places that are not producing fruit or the results we desire to see come to pass.

  1. Purge – The P in Prune is for Purge

Remove excess and declutter (mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually). When we purge, we remove things that are not working and draining our time and energy. With each part of the process, continue to use them throughout the process. For example, we purge and take out what is not working from P to E in the process.

2. Reflect – The R in Prune is for Reflect.

The best tool that I have found for reflection is an online or journal notebook. During this part of the process, we need to answer some tough questions. What are we doing now that is working? What’s not working?

Cutting out some of the projects on our “to do list” that is no longer serving us, will help us to focus on our current commitments and promote growth.

3. Unbury – The U in Prune is for Unbury. Look for the root cause and fresh ideas.

Dig to find the root cause (what is causing us to be stuck) remove it (old plant that I planted) and seek out fresh ideas (collaboration with God and others). I have seen the root cause revealed within a few months, or years depending on the obstacle and how long it has been in my life.

4, Next Steps – The N in Prune is for Next Steps – Plan and Act.

Determine the next step we need to take to get closer to our goal of decluttering and organizing our life so that we can have new growth be able to successfully take on obstacles that come our way.

That is where Planning and Executing the plan comes into play.

We all organize and process information differently and what works for one person, may not necessarily work for another.  Example: notebook vs online, visual abundance vs. visual simplicity.

5. Evaluate – The E in Prune is for Evaluate. Did it work? What changes need to be made? How much is it going to cost? All organizing systems take time to implement and need to be evaluated and maintained. The PRUNE process is circular and can be repeated in different areas of life and business.

We are all leaders. We all can influence others by our words and actions. As leaders, it is crucial that we take the time during this dormant season to go through the PRUNE process and examine our life and cut out what isn’t working, so that all is left is a healthy, organized life, ready to impact God’s kingdom and grow our business.

What tools have you tried that help you PRUNE and your goals? Comment Below.

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