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The ART of Effective Leadership

Think for a moment about your favorite leaders, role models, coaches or teachers. They had certain qualities and styles that drew you in and made you want to follow them. Some people are born to lead, but not all leaders are effective. Leaders must… Continue Reading “The ART of Effective Leadership”

Appreciation is the Key to Abundance

Have you ever doubted if God heard you and wondered if he will answer your prayers? I hate to admit it, but I know I have. How about you? Last year, I was passed over for promotion and started focusing on all the things… Continue Reading “Appreciation is the Key to Abundance”

The Bridge to Courage Part 2

Photo by valor kopeny on Unsplash Have you ever known exactly what you need to do, but did not take action to accomplish the task or take the necessary steps to reach a goal? That is what happened to me.  It happens to the best of us.… Continue Reading “The Bridge to Courage Part 2”