Melonie A. Benjamins

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Melonie is an Identity & Connection Coach and Owner of Mirrors and Bridges.

She combines her certifications in teaching, life coaching and organizing to transform your life. She has spent the last 20 years researching and teaching personal growth and leadership development topics. Her products and services are faith-based and she specializes in new begininings and redesigning your life according to your season, purpose and calling. Melonie creates systems that work with your strengths, natural learning and organizing styles. She helps you unbury potential talents and abilities and teaches you how to promote new growth in your life or business.

Specialty Areas:

New careers: entreprenuerial start-up, coaching practice, setting up business office spaces (landing space, command center, paperwork management), leadership identity, goal setting, habits, workflow processes, procedures, strategic planning, increase productivity, peace.

Life transitions: divorce, downsizing, overcoming mental anxiety & depression, religious & spiritual post-traumatic stress (cult/spiritual warfare) recovery and deliverance, personal identity, goal setting, habits, schedules, routines, freedom from overwhelm and chaos.

Training and workshop topics:  Digging Up Buried Dreams, How to Redesign and Repurpose Your Life, Organizing Your Life: Creating Systems that Work, How to Promote Growth in Your Life and Business, Decluttering Mental and Physical Spaces,  Making Habits Stick, Overcoming Barriers From Your Past, The Secret Weapon to Leadership Development, The Bridge to Courage, Finding Your Voice and Identity, Defeating Negative Thoughts, Reflections and Pathways to a Better Life, Basic Word Press Web Design and Blogging 101. 

Now, for the informal, background and other fun parts of her story:

Melonie is from a small town in Southwest Louisiana, a part of the state with a mixture of French, Cajun and Creole heritage. Ever since she was a little girl, she wanted to be a writer. She grew up writing songs and poetry about the world around her. She also wanted to be a teacher, nurse, astronaut, artist and archaeologist and go dig up cool stuff in Egypt. So many to chose from, what is a girl to do? 101_1843 (3)She began her career as a teacher after graduating college. Throughout her career, no matter what role she had, she always managed to use her creative gifts of art, writing and training to help others. Looking back, she became all the things she wanted to be – an astronaut (help others soar to new heights), nurse (help people heal), archaeologist (help others dig up buried dreams in their past), artist/writer (help people express themselves), and teacher/trainer/coach (help others achieve goals and organize their life).4301-Curt and Mel (2)Melonie currently lives in the Tampa Bay area with her wonderful husband and greatest fan. She enjoys vintage shopping, mixed-media art and paper crafts, bullet and creativejournaling, writing, singing, reading, watching movies, meeting new people, volunteering, dancing and walking with her hubby by the ocean or nature trails. Her faith is the foundation and secret weapon to her purpose driven life.

Interesting facts: 

  • Chaos Tamer:
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Certified Teacher and Life Coach
  • Certified Home/Office Organizational Specialist
  • Lover of all things paper, containers, and pretty words
  • Aspiring mixed media artist and bible journaler

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