Monthly Journal and Planner Club

Monthly Journaling/Planning Club – The third Saturday of each month except for July (4th Saturday). More details on Eventbrite:

Past Events:

Trusting God in Uncertain Times:–Benjamins-eof0mj


Melonie is a skilled speaker, coach, and consultant. She not only works with her clients to transform and organize their physical space, but she also coaches them to dig deep and get to the actual root causing the issue. I have had the pleasure to work alongside Melonie as fellow speakers and coaches. I have participated in her workshops and online speaking engagements. Her signature message “PRUNE” is helpful and applicable to any audience!

Traci “Cricket” Crockett – Leadership & Life Coach

Organizations where I have presented:

Sponsor LSP - St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce
Branding – Missouri-Arkansas District
Toastmasters Modernizes its Education Program with Pathways
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