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Mirrors and Bridges, LLC is a social enterprise and a portion of our proceeds support women-owned start-up businesses and non-profit organizations within our local communities and ministries globally.

A message from our Owner:

Mirrors and Bridges, LLC was born in the middle of an international pandemic on April 1, 2020. I first wrote the title during my morning prayer routine in a journal over 10 years ago. I didn’t exactly know what it meant at the time, but over the years, the name kept coming up. God was preparing my heart for the road ahead.

After hanging out with multi-talented entrepreneurs, the desire of owning my own business started rising in my heart. Last year, I began working on our first product, a book of success tools I gathered over the last 20 years. It became apparent that “Mirrors and Bridges” was going to be the name of our business, with many future products and services focused on the following key concepts:

Photo: Ria Alfana on Unsplash
Mirrors: Reflect

Mirrors represent your internal thoughts, desires, passions, identity, and how we view ourselves and the world around us. Reflective thinking and journaling produce new ideas, unbury our dreams (unfinished stories) and expose the root cause of what is stopping us from reaching our goals. We teach you how to build successful habits and systems that accelerate personal growth and leadership development.

And: Plan

There is a gap that we all come to recognize far too often in our lives. It could be a learning gap, age gap, experience gap, or anything that we don’t know how to do and need to fill in order to complete a specific task or reach a goal. The “and” in Mirrors and Bridges is a conjunction and represents that gap (the present reality of who/where we are and who/where we want to be). We introduce you to customized planning tools to get your vision and goals on paper. You will learn how to break them down into achievable action steps.

Photo: Nong-vang from unsplash
Bridges: Connect

Bridges represent your external walk, a pathway that crosses over barriers and connects to a future destination. You will learn strategies that help you navigate through the goal-achieving process, remove obstacles and connect to the resources needed to successfully achieve your goals.

I cannot wait to see you on the other side of your personal victory story!

We all have a story have the courage to tell yours.


Melonie A. Benjamins, CLC; COS

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